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“Franchises also tend to have higher valuations. Valuations for mostly franchised brands averaged multiples of 23 times EBITDA, versus 19 multiples for company-operated”. – Winsight [a leading food and beverage industry intelligence firm]

“The median income for a food franchise owner is around $126,866 a year” 

“A new franchise opens every 8 minutes, during the course of a single business day.” – US Department of Commerce 

“Multi-unit franchisees own 53% of all franchises.” – FranData

There is no greater system for growth than franchising

When it comes to scaling a business, franchising has always been a proven system for rapid expansion. Many business owners dream of one day seeing their brand become a household name; with franchises nationwide or even internationally. When executed correctly, it can be a great expansion strategy, requiring much less up-front capital, when compared to growing through company-owned units. Moreover, franchisees are invested, so a franchisor can be assured that each franchise is diligently managed. 

We set out to build the pinnacle of franchise development firms; to accomplish this, we must adhere to a very strict code of principles. We will only take on the most qualified clients. Like all businesses, we’re in business to succeed; our success is interdependent on our client’s success. However, it goes much deeper than that, our client’s success is interdependent on their franchisee’s success; therefore, the concept must be sound, in every respect.

We provide unparalleled expertise and support throughout the often overwhelming process of transitioning from small business to franchisor. We have created industry-leading systems, strategies, and best practices based on the most successful franchisors and franchisees. We know how to build world-class franchise systems.

X Franchise Group looks to partner with brands with the following attributes:

  • Strong Unit Economics 
  • Replicable and Scalable
  • Economically Resilient Business in Burgeoning or Proven Sector
  • Low Maintenance Capex
  • Strong Management Team
  • Founders Have Long Term Investment Horizon
  • Ability to Gain Market Share Through Organic Growth
  • Fanatic Customer Base

Why X Franchise Group?

We would like to share publicly, but this is what makes our firm and ultimately, our clients so powerful. We have a highly effective, proprietary system for launching our clients into the stratosphere. To learn more, let’s have a conversation.

Franchising Your Business

Our Process Expansion has a Recipe

We continuously canvass the globe for emerging brands. If we express interest in your business, that means you’re definitely doing something right. We will invite you to meet with us, during the meeting we will answer all of your questions, discuss our qualifications and your brand’s potential. At the end of the meeting, we will request certain information about your business and have you complete a franchise viability questionnaire. Upon receipt, we will review and then arrange a follow up meeting to discuss our findings. Should we feel your business has the ‘X Factor’ and you feel we are the right partner, we will consummate a relationship.

During this phase, we will work with you on developing a world-class franchise system. We will be completely immersed and intimately involved with your business and staff from this moment on. Working with you on a daily basis, working on every aspect of your business, from refining your brand to endeavoring towards the completion of a premier franchise system.

This is where it gets exciting, this is the beginning of your dream becoming a reality. At this stage, we will begin promoting your franchise opportunity to qualified prospective franchisees in target markets.

We engage the expertise of our 200mm/year marketing partner, lead by past CXOs from major media corporations. Fully capable of everything from digital marketing, to the production of stunning commercials.

We have a proven and superior system for recruiting and consummating new franchises. Moreover, our entire +250 global syndication of franchise experts will be recruiting franchisees for your brand.

As your franchise system grows, we will be prudent in managing the brand’s expansion and operations. We will strategically, but aggressively enter new markets, further establishing the brand’s recognition, increasing sales and market share.

We can confidently assure you, we know what we’re doing and your business will be in excellent hands throughout the life of our relationship.

Find out if your business has the X Factor