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We help create generational wealth, both for franchisors and franchisees

Offering extensive franchise development execution skills, X Franchise Group’s team is comprised of senior-level franchise experts, focused on providing the highest quality services to our clients. Our advisors have broad experience in every facet of franchising; assisting successful small businesses with their transition into world-class franchise corporations. Collectively, our group has worked with +500 preeminent franchise brands and sold thousands of franchises worldwide.


We accept a handful of clients per year. Below are some of the qualities we seek in a franchisable concept:

Strong Unit Economics

Every business must possess attractive margins and the ability to maintain competitive advantages to protect its long-term profits and market share from competitors.

Replicable and Scalable

Standardization is one of the hallmarks of franchising. In order to successfully franchise a concept, it must be easily replicable, through training and systems.  The business must also possess the ability to efficiently scale up, in order to accommodate increased consumer demand.

Economically Resilient Business in Burgeoning or Proven Sector

Not only does a business need to demonstrate scalability, it must also prove to be resilient and possess strong economic moats. Regardless of what what is happening in the economy.

Yes, franchising is what we do, but ultimately, we are in the wealth creation business. - David McLean, Managing Director

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